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PIANOBOX is a handmade craft made by acrylic.
Different to plastic, it allows to create the beauty
and the stylishness of the piano.

Piano box can be used as a decor,
or place stationeries, flowers, and accessories, to fit your use.

As a birthday present, christmas gift, or as an anniversary gift.
And to music and piano lovers, it would be a perfect gift.
We are greatful if Pianobox can make your life happier.


■Color: Black or Clear
■Actual Size: W178×H98×D133 Weight:536g
■Box size: W230×H145×D182mm Weight (with pianobox):1,080g
■Accessories: Partition, cleaning cloth
■Material: Acryl (piano box), polyester (cleaning cloth)


■Do not place this product around heat.
■Do not use acidic chemicals for cleaning.
■Do not put in any liquid directly.


There is two colors for Piano Box, black and clear.
It can be used as an interior or as a stationary box.
There is a drawer at the back.



You can paint or put on stickers to create your one and only piano box!
The lid of the piano can be used as a tray.


Gift box is in black which is a design appropriate for giving gifts to others.
Inside the box it is surrounded by sponges to protect from any harm.

■ACCESSORIES: Partition・ Cleaning cloth・ Catalog

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